Why your site isn’t getting more traffic 🙅‍♀️

And what you can do.

Hi there,

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Is your website growing how you want? 📈

  • If not, do you know what could be the problem? 🤔

As an SEO expert, I’ve consulted many site owners who worked hard to publish new content, but it didn’t help them attract users from Google.

If that’s your case, too, you probably face one of the following issues:

1. Your website isn’t indexed

You may think publishing a web page is enough to rank on Google.

However, that’s not true! 🙅‍♀️

Even though your web page will be available through the direct link, it won’t rank if a Google bot doesn’t index it.

Your web page should go through the following four steps before it becomes searchable on Google:

  1. Discovering

  2. Crawling

  3. Rendering

  4. Indexing

2. You write about random topics

Well-written and optimized content that targets a particular keyword will rank on Google.

If you skip keyword research and optimization, your content will likely not rank.

If you are new to keyword research, check out my SEO ebook, updated for 2024. I explain step-by-step how to research, analyze, and prioritize keywords.

3. You don’t optimize content

Keywords and their placement still play a vital role in optimizing your content for rankings.

Ensure the following elements are optimized before publishing:

  • Meta title

  • Meta description

  • H1, H2, H3, and all the rest subheadings

  • The body of my article

  • Images

  • The URL slug

  • Internal links

4. You don’t update old content

Updating old articles is much easier than creating new content.

Try rewriting at least 50% of an old article. You’ll see an increase in clicks and impressions a few days after republishing your content.

Here’s what happened to one of my money-making articles after updating 50% of the content:

Have you spotted any issues that may impact your website performance? 🤔

The only tool you need to analyze your site performance

I’ve tried over 20 different SEO tools to understand which one could help me optimize my content and grow my website.

Most of the tools don’t provide reliable data.

Reliable ones are expensive.

Even though Semrush is a paid tool, I frequently use its free plan to research keywords and analyze my website growth.

Semrush’s free plan is enough to manage one website, check your keyword ideas, and run a website audit.

Its keyword overview report contains all the information you need to make a data-driven decision about keyword usage.

Please don’t pay for any SEO tool before you are 100% confident it fits your needs. That’s a waste of your money. If there’s a chance, try it for free first.

Want some juicy keyword ideas?

I’ve just published my research article, where I share low-competition keywords with decent traffic potential for dentists.

So, if you are working in this field, check this out. 👇

Have a great day!


Victoria Kurichenko

P.S. My latest article on Medium about my creator journey and life updates from January 2024. 👇

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