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I haven’t discussed the power of product reviews with you yet. However, that’s one of the content types that can make four or even five figures from one web page! 😱 

For example, my beehiiv review has earned me $3,600+ by now!

My tool reviews content strategy

Here is how I approach tool review creation for income generation:

1.Write about new tools: I mainly focus on reviewing new tools because the competition in organic search results is low.

2. Pick low-competition keywords: I pick search terms with keyword difficulty below 10. They are usually easy to target. I use Semrush’s free plan for keyword research. It’s enough to analyze up to 10 keywords daily.

3.Optimize content with target keywords: If you are new to on-page SEO and keyword research, my SEO ebook will help you quickly nail the process.

4. Track performance and update content for better rankings: I regularly update old content (at least once a year) to maintain top rankings.

This simple strategy uses SEO to drive organic traffic, leading to affiliate income.

If you want more details, check my article:

How Well Does Your Financial Advisor Perform?

How would one even know? Most financial advisors don’t give you a report card at the end of the year, talking about the ways they helped you beat — or, gasp, underperform — the market.

With Rainbook — a no-cost platform — you can have crystal clear x-ray vision into how well your advisor is performing across a host of critical metrics:

  • Fees — how much are they charging you on a relative basis (including those fund fees)?

  • Performance — how are you doing relative to benchmarks? 

Critical questions impacting the long term health of your portfolio, Rainbook delivers you the answers.

If your Advisor Score isn’t up to par, Rainbook can pair you with a new vetted advisor to ensure your financial health is in good hands.

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22 LinkedIn posts → 2 SEO leads

I’m thrilled to share my progress and achievements on LinkedIn after a 3-year break. 😎 

I’ve just published a new story at Better Marketing, one of the top Medium publications. The story was boosted, yay! 🤩 

With just 22 LinkedIn posts, I secured 2 SEO leads, translating to a fantastic 9% conversion rate.

Here’s how I did it. 👇️ 

My Website Growth Kit

Semrush for keyword research, DIY site analysis, and SEO (offers 10 free searches per day).

Koala Writer AI for 1,500+ words blog post generation for SEO (offers a free plan).

Beehiiv for growing and monetizing your newsletter (a 30-day free trial + 20% OFF for 3 months).

Whenever You are Ready

If you want to know how to grow and monetize your website, here’s how I can help you:

👉️ Grab my “SEO Checklist for New Websites.

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