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Get ready for June 2024 spam update

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On my end, I'm busy crafting some SEO magic for a client's articles.

Plus, I recently landed a new long-term SEO writing project thanks to the power of consistent posting on LinkedIn! (Seriously, even a daily post can make a big difference.) ️👇️ 

I had a different topic planned for today, but there's a more pressing update!

Google just announced the June 2024 spam algorithm update!

This is the second spam update of the year, following the one in March. With these updates, Google aims to clean up search results by targeting websites that use tactics like:

  • AI-generated content: Using AI solely to manipulate search rankings is a no-go.

  • Link buying/selling: Building artificial domain authority through paid links.

  • Thin content: Websites with minimal or low-quality content won't fly.

  • Deceptive practices: Hidden redirects and other misleading tactics.

Google explicitly says that sites that violate their policies may rank lower in results or not appear in results at all!

Since the rollout takes about a week, keep an eye on your website's performance during this time.

I’ll update you with my website’s performance stats in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned! 😉 

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