You don’t need to let everyone know your site exists

They won’t even notice you. 🙅‍♀️

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Many marketers and bloggers say the more traffic you get to your website — the better.

However, I don’t entirely agree with this statement.

You need more traffic for what?

More visitors don’t automatically translate into more revenue.

You don’t need to let everyone know your website exists. It’s noise for the majority. They won’t even notice you. 🙅‍♀️

Instead, a small group of people who share your beliefs and pursue similar goals will most likely come and read your content.

Here is a tip. 👇️ 

Choose a niche wisely before investing your time and money to build a website.

Don’t worry if you think your niche idea is too competitive.

You can always niche down, where the competition won’t be that strong.

Here’s my example. 😎 

I am an SEO specialist who offers SEO blog post writing and teaches SEO writing to content creators.

Despite tons of SEO resources, you won’t find a straightforward guide on how to write content that will rank high on Google.

Most tips are general and vague.

People are left confused.

But they want to learn SEO writing from someone with proven success stories.

That’s how a micro niche was formed, which I later discovered, analyzed, and monetized by offering my SEO ebook and SEO services. 📈 

Here’s my resource to help you find, analyze, and pick a niche for your website.

Question to you. 👇️ 

Have you faced any challenges in finding the right niche for your business? 🤔 

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