If I had to start my site from 0, that's what I'd do 👇️

My conclusions after running a (successful) website for a year.

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Hello there,

That’s Victoria from the Website Growth Mastery, showing up in your email box. 😉

You might know that I manage a website — Self Made Millennials 

Since I’ve helped multiple companies as an SEO specialist, I knew what was required to grow a website.

Nevertheless, I’ve made tons of mistakes when launching and growing my website.

In this newsletter, I share what I did wrong and what I learned along the way. 👇️ 

1. My website name

I am in love with my website’s name — Self Made Millennials.

It tells a lot about my personality and my professional journey. Whenever I read it, I envision my battle with destiny and my younger self for a better life.

My website’s logo reflects the growth.

I convey my personal and professional growth through every article to inspire and motivate my readers to build their success stories.

However, I’ve realized that another established blogger has YouTube, Instagram, and the course site with the same name!

This inconvenience has not caused me any issues yet.

But I should have been more careful selecting a website name.

2. Website copy and design

Here’s what my first WordPress design theme looked like. 👇️ 

I didn’t like it.

I was on the edge of paying $1,000+ for a website redesign to replace an old WordPress theme.

However, I am glad I did not do it.

My personal and professional transformation lasted for over a year.

That’s why I kept my old and ugly site since redesigning without a purpose would have been a colossal waste of my money and time.

3. Content publication

This is a painful topic, in a way.

I used to publish 1–2 articles per month. However, that’s not enough to grow.

I thought AI tools, like Koala AI Writer, would help me speed up my writing and publish more, but my priorities changed.

Despite low publication frequency, my website drives roughly 90% of all traffic from organic search results.

You can read more on how I create content that ranks high on Google in my ebook if you are interested.

Long story short — I should have prioritized content production for my website and focused on topics with money-making potential.

To wrap up

Here are 3 learnings to help you avoid the same:

  1. Website Name: Check for existing brands to avoid confusion.

  2. Design Refresh: Hold off on a redesign until your brand message is clear.

  3. Content is King: Publish consistently on your website, targeting high-traffic topics.

If you want to learn more about my journey as a site owner, stay tuned for future newsletters! 😉 

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