Monitoring your site after June spam update? 🤔

Google’s update is complete, as announced today.

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In my previous email, I shared a critical update for website owners:

On June 20th, Google announced a new spam algorithm update! 👇️ 

Google’s update is complete, as announced today.

Are you monitoring your website’s performance? 🤔 

Even though I only treat my website as a side hustle, I'm still curious about which strategies help it grow and how it reacts to Google's updates.

This time, I compared my website's performance in May and June 2024 and checked several individual pages.

So far, the results are promising:

1️⃣ Organic impressions jumped 3.04%!

2️⃣ Organic traffic climbed 5%!

While the update might cause some fluctuations, the overall trend is positive.

The secret to this steady growth, despite limited time? 📈 

Keyword research and SEO writing! ✍️

High-quality content is key!

I avoid AI-generated fluff (even though I'm a big AI fan!).

Every post offers value to readers, boosting user experience — something Google definitely notices.

This commitment to quality has even attracted backlinks from top brands like Hubspot, Moz, Coschedule, and more!

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How AI-Generated Content Impacts SEO

The results of my latest experiments with Google’s Gemini. 👇️ 

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