Massive Google data leakage 😱

Has Google been lying to as all the time?

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It's been a wild week for SEO! Lots of news to unpack.

Have you heard about Google's latest data leakage? 🤔 

Apparently, a leaked document containing over 14,000 ranking factors contradicts what Google has been saying for years!

Here are some insights into how Google works from their internal documents:

👉️ Google’s document reveals there’s a metric called “siteAuthority.” Apparently, they use something like DR (domain rating), which means the website’s domain strength is likely taken into account in rankings.

👉️ Google previously said clicks don’t count. However, their document reveals a new system called “Navboost,” which relies on users’ data while ranking search results. So, keep in mind that organic click-through rate (CTR) matters!

👉️ It seems there’s a so-called “sandbox” for new websites that might hold them back from growing.

👉️ The number and diversity of backlinks matter a lot in rankings.

👉️ Having content authors who have experience and expertise outside of your website (such as Linkedin or Medium) can help improve rankings.

👉️ Apparently, using your keyword in the title tag is important. Google denied this fact many times, claiming search intent comes first. However, the role of keywords is still huge.

👉️ Google tracks the freshness of your content based on the publish dates, URLs, and titles.

What do you think about these updates?

Will it change your approach to content creation?

You’ll see hundreds of posts on social media about Google data leakage. This is great information.

However, ultimately, it’s all about creating helpful and insightful content that people want to read and share. 😉 

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