How to increase your site’s traffic with AI 🤖

4 proven-to-work methods.

If you wonder how to use AI in a smart way to grow your website, this email is for you.

I’ll share proven-to-work methods that help me and will help you increase your site’s traffic with AI.

However, let me highlight this first:

There are pros and cons of using AI for website growth. If used carefully, it can help you speed up your work. However, you should also be ready to face the consequences of using it for rankings manipulation.

1. Content generation

Here is what I delegate to AI tools:

  • Definitions

  • Tool descriptions for product reviews

  • Pros and cons writing

  • FAQs writing

2. Updating old content to boost rankings

Old content update is one of the most underrated SEO techniques.

I updated hundreds of articles on my website and clients’ websites, and it worked every time!

Depending on the keyword difficulty, updating 30–50% of the content is often enough to boost rankings.

Here is a proof.👇

The effect of the content update on SEO.

3. On-page optimization with AI SEO tools

ChatGPT and Bard can help you generate topic ideas, but they can’t assess keyword difficulty, search intent, global and country organic search volumes, and traffic potential.

I regularly use Semrush for keyword research. They offer a free trial for the Pro version. It’s a great beginner-friendly tool.

Alternatively, if I am on a budget or don’t have access to advanced SEO tools, I use AI SEO tools like or Robinize.

4. Schema markup generation

Implementing markup can help your website pages stand out in organic search results and get a higher CTR (click-through rate).

You can use this prompt to quickly generate schema markup for website pages: "Generate schema markup for the following question and answer: [your input data]."

Victoria Kurichenko

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