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Hi there,

Can you guess the most frequently asked question I get from my clients?  🤔

Why isn’t my website growing?

My clients come from different backgrounds and industries, but the issue is often the same — their actions don’t help them rank their websites on Google.

Researching the issue and developing a custom strategy helps to revive their websites. However, they could significantly improve their websites' performance on Google if they knew how to find easy-to-rank keywords (I teach keyword research in my SEO ebook.)

Choose the right keywords, and your website will consistently attract your target audience from Google. 

Choose the wrong keywords, and nobody will ever learn about your website. 

That’s why keywords are so crucial for any website! 

As a website owner, your task is to choose the most suitable keywords for your website to rank on Google.

I’m referring to the following keywords:

  • low and medium competition keywords

  • long tail keywords

  • keywords with transactional and informational search intent (for local businesses — navigational)

Below, I’ll share my keyword metrics estimates. Since it's highly subjective information, you won’t find anything like this in official SEO resources. 

I’m sharing these estimates because I’ve used them for years to grow my website and client websites. 

  • Keyword difficulty: < 30 

  • Global search volume: 100+

  • Search traffic in your target country: 100+

  • Traffic potential: 100+

  • Search intent: informational or transactional 

You can choose any SEO tool for keyword research. However, my personal favorite is Semrush. 

I use Semrush’s free version for keyword research, site audit, and optimization ideas. Even though the free plan limits your daily usage, it’s often enough to analyze a few keywords. 

I replicate this strategy over and over again to create content that can passively generate affiliate commissions, SEO ebook sales, leads, and more! 

Here’s how my Koala Writer review performs a few weeks after publication. 👇

Impressive, right?

Remember, you can achieve even better results with the right strategies. 🚀

How my Koala Writer review ranks on Google right after publication.

Whenever you are ready

If you want to create high-ranking content but don’t know how, check out my SEO ebook, updated for 2024. I explain step-by-step how to research, analyze, and prioritize keywords.

As an SEO expert, I can also help you:

  • Discover easy-to-rank keywords for your website to help your website grow

  • Help you optimize your existing content so your website ranks on Google

  • Analyze your content and let you know why it doesn’t perform (or how to improve it)

  • Write optimized content for your website

If you want to grow your website and are interested in collaboration, check my website for more information or “hit” reply and share the details.

Have a great weekend!


Victoria Kurichenko

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