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I have an exciting topic to discuss today, which I’m sure will resonate with many site owners.

Will I quickly grow my niche website if I publish new content daily?” - I’ve got this question from one of my Quora readers.

People still believe they need to be active daily to achieve something. They don’t know what they want to achieve, but they are convinced that active publishing will help them grow their niche websites.

Let me tell you one thing:

Daily posting leads to burnout. 

Eventually, your mental health suffers, the quality of work deteriorates, and no expected results are achieved.

This happens because people confuse blogging with SEO writing.

Blogging is about getting hype and eyeballs.

That’s one way of generating traffic.

But there is another one — optimized content writing.

The beauty of SEO writing is that you don’t need to write daily to show up high on Google.

Although I’ve only published 71 articles in 3 years, my website has grown to 7,000 visitors per month and has never been impacted by Google updates.


Does it mean publication frequency isn’t important for a website’s growth?


Does it mean you can achieve the same results if you publish 71 content pieces?


The data above proves that evergreen and optimized content continuously drives traffic to a website.

In my experience, 2–5 optimized content pieces per month can help you achieve steady website growth in Google search results.

Knowing the principles of SEO writing, you can create high-ranking content that continuously brings traffic to your website.

I explain the entire SEO writing process in my ebook.

Now, that question to you. 👇

How many content pieces do you publish monthly, and how does it work for you? 🤔

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