How I'll grow my website in 2024 🚀

My content writing plan

Hi there,

How have you been doing lately? 😎

I got back to work on January 3rd. I’ve planned many great things for this year and can already share some details with you. 👇

  • The design of my SEO 2024 ebook will be ready by the end of this month—100 pages with up-to-date SEO strategies for website owners.

  • I’m launching another newsletter about Medium. So, if you want to know what works on Medium and how to turn it into multiple income sources, subscribe here.

Moreover, I’ve already planned how to grow my website in 2024.

If you are a website owner wondering how to improve your website’s performance in organic search results, here are some hints for you.

How I’ll grow my website in 2024 🚀

Start with the goals.

  1. I want to increase organic traffic by 6,000→10,000 per month.

  2. I want to make $1,000/m from my website by the end of 2024.

It may sound challenging, but I already know how to do it.

I’ll use the following strategies to make money from my website:

1. Affiliate 

I’ll focus on the Beehiiv Partner Program and Semrush Partner Program.

Semrush pays $200 for a customer and $10 for a trial.

Beehiiv pays a 50% commission on all payments. I used to make $500+ from Beehiiv monthly. So, I’m eager to make it happen again!

Koala Writer pays a 30% commission on all payments. I’ve recently started using this AI content-generation tool and am very satisfied with the outcome. So, I’ll heavily promote it through my website.

2. Selling my digital products

My portfolio consists of two digital products I’m proud of and will promote on my website:

I’ve already planned to create new digital products about SEO and Medium. So, making $200-$500 selling digital products through my website is realistic!

3. Guest posting

I used to charge $70 per guest post when my website had 6,000 traffic and 28 domain authority.

This year, I’ll charge $100 per guest post.

4. Display network

My website is part of the Google Adsense Program.

My goal is $50+ monthly with sidebar ads only. I do not run ads on many pages and don’t have ads harming user experience. Nevertheless, the revenue will increase with the increased traffic.

5. My content plan to support my goals

I can only achieve my goals if I create content that supports my goals.

Therefore, I’ve done keyword research and prepared a content plan for the next 5 months. Now, I know exactly what I’ll publish by May 2024.

How are you planning to grow your website this year?

Do you know what you want to achieve? 😎


Victoria Kurichenko

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