How I make 4 figures with a site content planđź’°

You can replicate it for your website.

Hi there,

If you run a website, you’ll likely agree it’s challenging. 🤯

Growing a website means you have to create new content consistently. It’s good if your efforts pay off. However, what if not?

I know this from my experience since I’ve grown my website from 0 to roughly 6k organic search traffic in 2 years while having a full-time job.

My website has been growing steadily and was not affected by Google updates. Since May 2022, impressions have increased from 2,548 to 19,688, which is 672.68% growth!

However, I quickly realized I’d make nothing if I continued producing content this way.

So, my approach to content creation changed.

Instead of focusing on popular keywords in my SEO niche, I came up with the following criteria for keyword research:

  • Low/medium keyword difficulty

  • Decent monthly search traffic in the target country (ideally 100+)

  • Commercial and informational search intent

  • Business potential

For example, my optimized post about SEO books helps me sell my ebook: "How to Write Blog Posts That Hit the Google Front Page." I've already made $10k+ on Gumroad selling my ebooks. 

My top-ranking software reviews help me make affiliate commissions - my Beehiiv review has made $3,500+ by now. 

The "Hire SEO Consultant" page helps me sell my services. 

These are a few examples, but I hope you get the logic:

Optimizing for the right keywords can help you attract potential customers from organic search results!

That’s why I research and analyze keywords at the beginning of the year to create a 12-month content writing plan that I follow every month to grow my website.

Here is an example of it:

Creating a content plan is an effective strategy I always recommend to my clients.

You’ll know exactly what content you should create for your site and prepare the resources in advance.

After all, your website traffic is nothing if it does not help you gain customers and make sales. 

Whenever you are ready

If you want your website to rank high on Google but don’t know how to find easy-to-rank keywords, I can help you with a content writing plan.

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As an SEO expert, I can help you:

  • Discover easy-to-rank keywords for your website to help your website grow

  • Optimize your existing content so your website ranks on Google

  • Analyze your content and let you know why it doesn’t perform (or how to improve it)

  • Write optimized content for your website

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Have a great day!


Victoria Kurichenko

P.S. If you want to know how I conduct keyword research and learn my strategies, check out my latest Medium blog post. 👇

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