How I doubled my site's traffic in 1 year 😎

Dedicating only a few hours to my website.

I launched my website in July 2021, but it seems like it was yesterday.

Despite dedicating only a few hours to my website, the organic traffic has doubled, while the impressions have increased over two times in the past year. 📈

Here is the proof. 👇🏼

P.S. My website has only 70 pages yet gets roughly 6,000 organic views monthly.

Here’s what I did in the past year to grow my website

1️⃣ Found and honed my niche

A niche is crucial if you want to launch and grow your website using SEO.

2️⃣ Keyword research

Picking up a narrow niche can significantly help you since many topics won’t be competitive. That’s the rule, regardless of the niche you choose.

Once you know your niche, I recommend you conduct keyword research to find popular search terms with low/middle competition.

You can learn more about my niche keyword research process in this article and from my SEO writing ebook.

3️⃣ 12-month content writing plan

Let’s imagine you’ve discovered 20–50 promising keywords. How do you decide what to focus on from the beginning?

I did not want to waste time thinking about what to publish on my website. Instead, I wanted an action plan I could follow for months.

That's why I developed a 12-month content writing plan that has become one of my popular services.

4️⃣ Regular content update

If some of your website pages rank on the 1–2 search result pages and help you make money, I recommend updating them regularly to maintain their rankings.

Google monitors online user behavior and wants to serve users with fresh and relevant content.

Here’s how impressions and clicks increased a few days after publishing an updated article.

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Victoria Kurichenko

P.S. Wondering how to write blog posts that hit the Google front page? Check my SEO ebook.

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