Google's Gemini put to thetest

Spoiler: It's not what I expected.

Hi there,

Im excited to share my newest SEO case study with you.

I used to generate and optimize my blog posts with Koala Writer.

This time, Ive experimented with Googles Gemini the large language model serving as a successor of Googles Bard.

I used Gemini to create a blog post about SEO newsletters.

I researched keywords, prepared a list of keywords to target, and created an outline aligned with users' search intent.

The idea was to use Gemini to generate content about five different SEO newsletters while I would write about my newsletter on my own.

I thought this strategy would work like all the previous times since no research data or anything specific is required for this article.

However, it didnt work this time.

Heres what happened.

  1. The page was indexed

  2. Got several impressions

  3. Google excluded my SEO newsletter blog post from indexing

What I did to fix the indexing issue

I resubmitted the URL for indexing in Google Search Console.

Based on my experience, it usually helps to bring the URL back in 1-2 days.

If you face issues with indexing, heres what you can do:

What happened to my blog post later

The dead URL started slowly recovering and getting organic impressions.

However, its too early to make a conclusion.

Based on my experience, AI content can perform exceptionally well at the very beginning but ultimately lose its traffic and rankings after Google updates.

If your page remains unindexed for some reason, I recommend the following strategies, which have always worked for me:

  • Rewrite 3050% of the content (Google considers a page unique if it has over 50% unique content).

  • Change meta title and description

  • Add new paragraphs

I hope this practical newsletter helped you learn something new today. Now you know how to fix indexing issues if you have any.

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Victoria Kurichenko

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