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If you manage a website, I’m sure attracting traffic is key to achieving your business goals.

SEO has been a sustainable method for organic traffic growth, but have you heard of recent changes? 🫣 

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) uses AI to provide instant answers on the search page, reducing the need for users to click through to websites.

With two-thirds of searches ending without a click, it’s crucial to adapt.

Learn more about Google SGE and what it means for site owners (and how to adapt) in my latest Medium article. 👇️ 

Happy optimizing! 🌟

New AI LeadGen Tool Identifies Email Address of Your Visitors

Did you know that you can Identify the email addresses of your anonymous website traffic?

Rather than getting only 5% of your traffic via an opt-in form, a new AI Tool, Smart Recognition, lets you target and email most of your website traffic, growing your email list and revenue faster!

How can this help? 👇

  • Capture email addresses of up to 40% of your anonymous traffic.

  • Email irresistible offers to prospects browsing your site.

  • Send abandoned cart emails to people who don't complete checkout.

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