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Here are some prompts I use to generate content with AI that will help you speed up your writing.

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That’s Victoria from the Website Growth Mastery, showing up in your email box. 😉

In my previous newsletter, I shared my experience using Google's AI writing tool, Gemini, to generate content for my website.

I've been using it for six months and have found it to be a valuable tool for improving the quality and efficiency of my writing. 🚀

As promised, this time, I’m sharing my prompts for using AI tools.

Here are some prompts I use to generate content with AI that will help you speed up your writing.👇️ 

1. Definitions

Gemini is exceptionally good at writing definitions and providing examples for better clarity.

All you have to do is use this prompt:

Write 2 sentences explaining what [your term] is in simple words. Don’t use bullet points.

2. Provide comparisons to explain complex terms

Gemini can explain complex terms in a simple way that even a child can understand.

Use the following prompt:

Explain what [your term] is in simple words with a comparison for better understanding. Don’t use bullet points.

3. Finish your thoughts if you are stuck

I came up with the following prompt that can quickly provide you with writing ideas if you are stuck.

Finish this sentence: [Start a sentence or include a phrase]

As you see, AI can be your true friend if you know how to use it. 😉 

I’ve shared just a few prompts. In reality, I experiment with many more prompts while creating content for my website. However, the ones I shared above work well for me all the time.

Try them and let me know whether they work for you, too! 🙂 

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